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Welding Supply Chains in a Pandemic

A black-swan event is considered an incredibly rare event that has far-reaching consequences and cannot be predicted ahead of time, although many may after the fact claim that it could’ve been. Examples like this are the September 11th terror attacks, 2008 financial crisis, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and BREXIT. Having a robust system that can […]

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Three Things To Consider When Buying a Welding Helmet

When purchasing a new helmet the 3 questions you need to ask are:   1. How long will the welder be wearing the helmet? Depending on how long your welder will be wearing the helmet, you need to take into consideration the potential strain on the welders neck and eyes. The ergonomics of a helmet […]

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Welding Fires

>> Excerpts from “Structure Fires Started by Hot Work” by Marty Ahrens, National Fire Protection Association.  An uncontrolled fire can do terrible things: turn important things to ashes; permanently scar bodies, and end lives. No one wants an uncontrolled fire and no one wants to be responsible for starting a fire. But when you’re welding, […]

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A Few Brands That We Are Proud To Carry

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