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Who Are We?

Ron-Son’s Torch was founded in 1973 by Ron McChesney. With aspirations that his 4 sons would eventually join him, Ron named the company Ron-Son’s Torch Repairs & Sales. 44 years later the legacy continues with the 3rd generation of McChesneys carrying the business forward with the same guiding principles set out by Ron in 1973.
Ron-Son’s Torch only did repairs in first few years of operation. They found out early on that if you do honest work, people will trust you. When they trust you, they want to do more business with you, so Ron started selling welding supplies. To provide customers with competitive pricing on quality products, they needed more buying power. The company joined the IWDC. The IWDC is the largest Independent Welding Distributor Co-op in North America with $2 Billion in sales annually.
When selling welding supplies you need to be able to do two things: answer customer questions and help them purchase assets that will make their operations more efficient. To do this Ron-Son’s Torch trains their employees with the accumulated knowledge gained over the company’s 40 years of operation. Because of changes in technology and industry, Ron-Son’s Torch also teaches its employees to develop a rolodex of experts who can answer the toughest questions. We believe that investing in our ability to help customers will always be profitable.


What Do We Do?


We sell and service the following brands:


– Miller*

– Weldmark

– CK Worldwide

– Hobart*

– Victor*

– Bernard*

– Uniweld

– Walter

– Arcair

– Fiber Metal

– Esab

– ThermalArc*

– Koike

– Hypertherm*

– Avesta Welding

– Kobelco Welding

– Weld-mate

– Techniweld

– Smith

– Tweco*

– Jackson Safety

– Thermadyne*

*Authorized to be a warranty depot
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We repair:


Everything! Torches, regulators, machines, engine drivers, and so much more!
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We supply gases:


– Shielding Gases

– Nitrogen

– Acetylene

– Shielding Gases

– Nitrogen

– Acetylene

– CO2

– Helium

– Argon- Air, Compressed

– Oxygen

No gas contracts because we’re confident our service will keep you coming back!
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We aslo do:


– Calibrations

– Free Productivity Audits

– Preventative Maintenance
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A Few Brands That We Are Proud To Carry

  • miller
  • victor
  • esab
  • avesta
  • hypertherm
  • hobart
  • walter
  • weldmark