Cylinder Carts: Your Must-Have Trusty Workhorse

The other day one of our salesmen was telling us about a project he had done in welding school: cut a small circle outof scrap steel. The test for determining how good you are at cutting is rolling your circle down the hallway. (That’s an exam a little child can grade.) The story led to thinking about one of man’s oldest inventions: the wheel. It’s such a simple and obvious invention. It has done much to make our lives easier and more productive. But one of the keys to its usefulness is it must be a perfect circle: e.g. flat tire on a car.

The cylinder cart uses the simple wheel (and axle) to assist welders in being more efficient and productive.

The other alternative to moving cylinders would be to drag it (dragging seems to have a pre- historic sound to it), roll 1 cylinder at a time (if the ground surface allows it), or have a long hose (which requires you to be aware of pressure drop, sharp objects on surface, a walking hazard, etc.).

By varying the size of the wheel, type of wheel and structure of the cylinder cart, two cylinders (large or small) can be easily and safely transported from one location to another.

Most cylinder carts can be like a portable workstation.

Two cylinders secured on the cart. A small tool box between the handle to carry the necessary tools for the required job: torch, tips, wrench, lighter, etc. No walking back and forth, no looking for tools.

All the necessary tools are safely delivered in a neat and tidy package.


The cylinder cart has come a long ways from its huge steel wheels





They can be now hard plastic or pneumatic.





They can have a hook in them to be hoisted up to areas where they are needed.




You can get them with a firewall between the cylinders.


The cylinder cart could be called old technology but it still beats the alternative.




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