Making Your Cutting Tips Last

There are three tools which help extend the life of a cutting tip: Tip Cleaner, Tip Reamer, and Tip Drill.

These simple handy tools can keep the tip orifices and passages free of slags and burrs, resulting in clean and efficient cuts.TorchTipCleaners

The Tip Cleaner

Most welders using cutting torches are familiar with the common tip cleaner.


The Tip Reamer

We know in using a cutting tip, slag and mill scale can accumulate on the face of the tip. Using a file to remove it could lead to a jagged face. The tip face needs to be at right angle to the orifice to have a proper shaped flame. This is where the tip reamer can help. The tip reamer will take off the slag and mill scales. It can also, bring the belled orifices back to their original size.



The Tip Drill Kit

The tip drill is a small kit containing steel drills for cleaning the orifices. They come in various sizes to match the orifices of the cutting tip. When you are using the drills, be careful not to enlarge or distort the orifice. With distortion you are going to create shorter and thicker preheat flames. And the cutting stream of oxygen will become spread out rather than a long thin stream.

Testing The Tip

After you have restored the tip, test the tip by lighting the torch. Observe the preheat flames. You are looking for evenly shaped pre heat flames and a long thin cutting stream.

If you have any further questions, call us at 604-888-4481. Until then, happy welding!



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