Jetline® welding automation products are now integrated into the Miller brand. The transition expands Miller welding automation offerings, while maintaining the same high quality performance of Jetline Engineering Inc. products, delivering high-integrity welds and the best ROI to your customers.


3 Year Warranty
Jetline systems are covered by our three-year limited warranty.

Pneumatic tailstock
Tailstock is air-operated and applies a constant clamping pressure to the part throughout the welding cycle.

Adjustable tailstock
All Jetline circumferential welding fixtures include a machined base. This permits the tailstock to be easily relocated for different length parts.

Adjustable Weld Head Positioning
The weld head is adjustable along the length of the part, to accommodate different weld locations.

Cradle lifts
Optional Cradle lifts are available to assists in loading the part. Cradle lifts are manufactured specifically to suit the diameter of the part to be welded.

Multi Process Capable
Systems can be designed with more than 1 weld process.

Multiple Control System Options
Jetline systems are available with 9900 Series computer based or 9700 Series micro-processor based controllers to meet your application requirement


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