Miller Proportional Two-Gas Mixers

Proportional gas mixers are designed to blend together two individual gases for shield gas welding applications eliminating the need for mixed gases. Available in models to precisely combine argon with CO2, helium, hydrogen or oxygen.


Accurate “on-site” TIG and MIG weld shielding gas mixing

Various welding processes require different gas mixes for best performance. Our gas mixer provides accurate mixing and allow custom mixtures for optimal welds.

Reduces Set-Up Time

No need to change cylinders, regulators, flow control devices or hoses when changing from one range of mixed gas to another.

Easy Operation And Built In Flow Control

Simply set the dials for desired mix and flow. Eliminates the need for additional flow control devices when used in single station applications. Mechanical system, no electricity required.

No Gas Separation

Pre-mixed gases can separate (stratify) after sitting for long periods in the cylinders. Our proportional gas mixers eliminate gas stratification and always deliver accurate mixtures.

Eliminates Stocking and Handling Pre-Mixed Gases

On-site mixing saves time and money. Reduces cylinders and eliminates the need for expensive premixed gases.

Ideal For education/Training

Operators can quickly see the effect of various gas mixtures on weld appearance, quality and penetration.

Serves from 1 to 5 Welding Stations With A Single Mixer

Delivers accurate mixtures at flows ranging from 10 to 180 SCFH.


Convenient, conversion charts at top of the cabinet for use with alternative gases.

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