SubArc 3-Wheel Tractor

Compact size allows greater flexibility and additional SAW setup options for shipbuilding, railcar and general fabrication. In addition, a new all-in-one interface lets welding operators control the tractor as well as the welding functions from the same panel, for improved ease of use.


• SubArc 3-Wheel Tractor
• SubArc Tractor Interface Digital
• SubArc Wire Drive 400 Digital Low Voltage

• OBT 600 SubArc Torch
• Wire Straightener
• Manual Flux Hopper
• Wire Reel Assembly



Designed and built to provide maximum reliability
This simple-to-use self-propelled Submerged Arc welding tractor can easily connect to Miller SubArc DC and AC/DC Digital Series power sources.

Regulated travel speed
Ensures your actual and set travel speeds are consistent, improving weld quality.

Flexible mast configuration
Allows torch to be positioned in multiple weld zones and adapts to your weld application.

Vertical, horizontal and rotary torch adjustment
Allows for greater access to hard-to-reach spots.

Easy-to-use foot- or hand- operated clutch
Allows for easy engagement and disengagement of tractor drive system. When disengaged, freewheeling movement of the tractor allows for ease of movement and repositioning.

Easily accommodates a 60 lb (27 kg) wire reel
Easily accommodates a 60 lb (27 kg) wire reel for fewer wire changeovers.

Locking front wheel
The locking front wheel can be secured in place to follow a desired travel path.

SubArc Tractor Interface Digital
Provides easy-to-operate single control for power source and tractor operation.

Low-voltage operation and improved environmental
The new digital series accessories are powered with 24 VAC control voltage from the power source. All power sources, interface controls and wire drives are IP23 rated providing a high level of protection for harsh environments.


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