Shielding Gas

Guide For Centrashield Mixes: GMAW FCAW GTAW


FCAW Weld Parameters

AWS Class    Mix No.  CFHWire Dia.  CurrentVoltageLBS/Hr.%EfficiencyUses
E71T – 16 & 830.035130-28020-303-986Mild & Med Carbon Steel,

All position can be used,

Over normal rust and mill scale,

No porosity

E71T – 16 & 830.045150-29023-305-1087
E71T – 16 & 835.052180-31024-325-1087
E71T – 16 & 8351/16180-40025-345-1287
Metal Core E70C-6M6 & 830.035130-28023-294-992No slag,

Excellent welding,

Good bead appearance,

Spray type transfer,

All positions,

Excellent for robotic welding

Metal Core E70C-6M6 & 830.045150-35024-308-1295
Metal Core E70C-6M6 & 835.052200-40026-328-1293
Metal Core E70C-6M6 & 8351/16300-50026-329-1696
E75T-58351/16160-35022-327-1492Good Impacts,

Resists Cracking.

E91T1-D18351/16180-30021-285-1292For 100,000 LB. Tensile
E80T1-Ni28355/64200-40023-275-1087Excellent for position.


Guide To AWS Classification

ElectrodeMinimum Tensile x 10,000 PSI0=Flat&Horizontal

1=All position

Indicates a flux cored electrodeUsability and performanceChemical composition of

the deposited weld metal

GTAW Weld Parameters

MaterialMixUses, ResultsCurrentAmperageCFHElect. Dia.Gas Cup Dia.
Alum. 1/161Manual, Good Arc StartAC5515-201/163/8
Alum. 1/81&2No. 2 Higher SpeedAC110203/327/16
Alum. 3/162&3No.3 Better Weld QualityAC150251/87/16
Copper 3/16 & Less2&3Better Travel SpeedDCSP180-25020-303/32-1/83/8&7/16
Sil. Bronze 1/161Penetration. Flat BeadDCSP60-9010-151/163/8
Sil. Bronze 1/81&2No. 2 Speed and WettingDCSP100-14010-151/16-3/323/8
Titanium*1Better PerformanceDCSP150-20015-201/16-3/323/8&7/16
Magnesium1Good PenetrationAC50-100121/16-3/323/8
Magnesium1&2Shallow penetrationDCRP75-125121/16-3/323/8
Magnesium2Deep PenetrationDCSP75-160151/16-3/323/8&7/16
Nickel Alloys1&11Hot Arc, Smooth BeadDCSP90-15010-201/16-3/323/8
S. Steel 1/161Fast Arc StartDCSP70-110121/163/8
S. Steel 1/811More Heat, Fast SpeedDCSP65-105121/163/8
S. Steel 3/32+11&12Speed Penetration, ColorDCSP90-15012-181/16-3/323/8&7/16

CENTRASHIELD (+ 1% Consistency)

1GTAW (All Metals), GMAW (AI & Cu)75 AR 25 He
2GTAW – GWAM Al. 3/4″ – 1-1/14″, Cu 1/2″ – 3/4″50 Ar 50 He
3GTAW – GMAW, Al. 1/4″- Up”, Cu 3/4″q – 1-1/4″25 Ar 75 He
4GMAW – Spray, Steel & Stainless Steel98 Ar 2 O2
5GMAW – Spray, Steel & Stainless Steel95 Ar 5 O2
6GMAW – FCAW, S.C.R./Spray90 Ar 10 CO2
7GMAW – FCAW, S.C.T. & Mod. Globular85 Ar 15 CO2
8GMAW – FCAW, S.C.T. & Mod. GlobularAr 25 CO2
9GMAW – Stainless S.C.T./SprayTri-Mix/90 He. 7.5 Ar, 2.5 CO2
11GTAW- Stainless, Manual97.5 AR 2.5 HY
12GTAW- Stainless, Automatic95 AR 5 HY
20GMAW – Stainless S.C.T./Spray/PulseTri-Mix 81 AR 18 HE 1 CO2
23GMAW – FCAW, Mild Steel91 Ar, 4 O2, 5 CO2


Base MetalShielding GasMetal Transfer, GMAWRemarks
Aluminum and Aluminum alloys (Al)CentraShield1S.C.TAll position welding DCEP helps remove surface oxides
Aluminum and Aluminum alloys (Al)CentraShield2Modified SprayAl. Mg 1/4″
Aluminum and Aluminum alloys (Al)CentraShield3Modified GlobularAl. Mg 1/2″ – 1″ thickness
Aluminum and Aluminum alloys (Al)CentraShield4GlobularAl. Mg over 1″ thickness
Copper and Copper Alloys All BronzeCentraShield1S.C.TUp to 1/8″ thickness, good wettability
Copper and Copper Alloys All BronzeCentraShield2Modified SprayGood penetration, good wettability, to 1/4″
Copper and Copper Alloys All BronzeCentraShield3Modified GlobularHigher heat input; to 3/4″ metal
Copper and Copper Alloys All BronzeCentraShield4GlobularExcellent heat spread; for 3/4″ and over
Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys (Mg)CentraShield1Modified SprayMg to 1/4″ thickness; good wettability
Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys (Mg)CentraShield2Modified GlobularMg to 1″ thickness; high heat input
Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys (Mg)CentraShield3GlobularHighest energy input to weld; min. porosity
Nickel, Monel, InconelCentraShield1Modified SprayWider arc column; greater heat input
Nickel, Monel, InconelCentraShield2Modified GlobularGreater heat input; more fluid weld pool; less porosity
Low Alloy Steel CentraShield4Spray1/6″ – 1/4″ thickness; narrow HAZ; very good horizontal and flat filler profiles.
Low Alloy SteelCentraShield5Spray1/6″ – 1/4″ thickness; narrow HAZ; very good horizontal and flat filler profiles.
Low Alloy SteelCentraShield6S.C.T./Modified SprayGreater heat energy input to weld, very good wettability; no undercutting at toes.
Low Alloy SteelCentraShield7S.C.T./Modified GlobularGreater heat energy input to weld, very good wettability; no undercutting at toes.
Low Alloy Steel CentraShield8Short CircuitStable arc; excellent mechanical properties.
Low Alloy SteelCentraShield23S.C.T./Spray TransferDeeper penetration; good surface finish. Excellent weld pool control; all positions. Fast travel speeds in spray mode.
Mild SteelsCentraShield5SprayFluid weld pool, good penetration, high physical properties; good wettability
Mild SteelsCentraShield6S.C.T./Modified SprayGood arc stability; penetration very good; fast welding speeds.
Mild SteelsCentraShield7S.C.T./Modified GlobularMinimum splatter; sounds weld quality; high mechanical properties
Mild SteelsCentraShield8Short CircuitAll position welding; excellent pool control; surface appearance very good.
Mild SteelsCentraShield23S.C.T./Spray TransferAdvanced gas for semiautomatic and automatic GMAW of mild steel, in flat as well as in all position welding
Stainless SteelCentraShield4SprayVery good welding flat, horizontal and overhead with electrodes dia. 0.045″ and less.
Stainless SteelCentraShield5SprayFor electrodes 1/6″ dia. and larger, flat and horizontal fillets; flat groove welds.
Stainless SteelCentraShield9Modified Spray

Short Circuit

Excellent for flat and horizontal fillets, deep penetration, excellent appearance.

Designed for short circuit transfer on 300 series stainless steels; no corrosion resistance problems; narrow HAZ; minimum undercutting and distortion, excellent for multipass stainless steel pipe welds.

Stainless SteelCentraShield20S.C.T., Spray

Pulse Spray

Designed for S.C.T., spray or pulsed spray to give high deposition and excellent color.

Welding speeds average 4 IPM faster than Argon/Oxygen shielding.


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