What Does It Mean to Have Your Welding Machine Calibrated?


It means that the settings on your welding machines have been verified and that they are accurate within the acceptable tolerance.




Who Should Get Their Machines Calibrated? 


CWB certified companies

ISO 9000 companies

Anyone who is concerned about the quality of their welds. Having your machines calibrated will save you from the cost of a bad weld.


How Will My Machines Be Calibrated? 


Our Certified Technician comes to your location at a time that is convenient for you. He brings with him a load bank that has been certified and can be traced back to the National Institute of Standards for Canada.

The technician will use the load bank to create a constant load. He will vary the load and compare the readings between the load bank and the welding machine.


If there is a +/- 10% difference in the readings, it will be fine. Otherwise he will adjust the meter to make it accurate.

Once all the machines have been calibrated we will send you a certificate for each machine with the serial numbers to create a paper trail.


Why Ron-Son’s?ronsons-logo


We come to you. Your welding machine doesn’t have to leave the shop floor. Once it’s been calibrated, it can immediately be put back to work.

We are an independent party. Having an outside party calibrate your machines will prove to your customers that you’re serious about quality control.

We are experienced. Our technician not only has experience calibrating many types of machines, but he also is responsible for the repairs at Ron-Son’s.

We can handle any machine. We can calibrate any welding machine, the brand or quantity makes no difference.


How Often Should I Get My Machines Calibrated?calander


If you are CWB or ISO 9000 certified shop as part of your ongoing equipment maintenance program you should have your machines calibrated at least once a year.

Depending on how often you use your machines we can help you develop a calibration schedule that would be appropriate for your shop.


Why Should I Get My Machine Certified?


 Prove that you are serious about quality control. Your customers and inspectors will both be assured that your welds were made under controlled conditions by trained professionals.


Written documentation This will help you to keep track of the machines that have been calibrated. You won’t have to check each machine sticker to find out when they were last calibrated.


Need More Information?


To get even more information check out this article. It explains our calibration process and why it’s important to have your machines calibrated and certified.


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