Dermot Devaney

A bit about Dermot Devany:  Dermot has worked for Ron-Son’s Torch Repairs & Sales for 34 years. Originally from England he previously worked at British Oxygen Company (BOC) for 6 years where he assembled, tested and manufactured machines. BOC trained him in assembly, manufacturing and machine testing. Before working at BOC he also worked for the UK merchant navy, Asco and Thorcollin Tubes. He came to Canada and started working for Ron-Son’s after his brother in law, who knew Ron McChesney, said there’d be a job for him.


The hardest thing about repairs, according to Dermot, is trying to work on a machine without a schematic or a manual. Having one is like a map, letting you know what goes where. Without one it’s next to impossible to repair the machine.


Dermot’s number one tip to keep your equipment from breaking down is to stop using machines that are older than 10-15 years old. If you use the same old machine 5 days a week, 8 hours a day they will start to break down and there’s not much repairs can do to keep it in working condition.


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