Mark Fan

A bit about Mark Fan: Mark has worked for Ron-Son’s Torch Repairs & Sales for 12 years. Originally from China, he previously worked as a highway mechanic. He repaired dump trucks and other roadside construction equipment. Mark went to Guanzhou University where he first studied hotel management, then came back to study electromechanical engineering. He moved to Canada in 2003 where he worked for Sunlight Heating for 2 years. Ping who, at the time, did repairs for Ron-Son’s was looking for someone to replace him before he retired. Since he was friends with Mark, Ping asked him if he’d be interested in working for Ron-Son’s. So in 2005 Mark started doing repairs for Ron-Son’s.


The hardest thing about repairs, according to Mark, is when old machines are brought in; because it can be difficult and costly to find the replacement parts. He compares it to an old car; sometimes it will cost more to fix then to just buy a new one.


Mark’s number one tip to keeping your repair bill down is: never try and fix a machine yourself. When someone tries to fix a machine without training, they will often damage or discard important parts that are costly to replace.


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