Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Your Welders

Christmas is coming up fast and figuring out the prefect gift for employees can be difficult. We’ve done our best to compile a list of the most useful and thoughtful gifts you could give your welders this holiday season. 

Welding Pliers


A lot of welders are using 2 or 3 different tools when they’re MIG welding: one tool for snipping the wire; another tool for twisting off the contact tip or nozzle.  These pliers do it all plus and then some: they remove the slag that accumulates inside the nozzle.



Welding Gloves

If your welder uses more than one welding process (MIG, TIG or Stick), then he’ll need different gloves.  And if he’s a busy welder, his present gloves will be starting to wear out or stiffen up.  A new pair of gloves is always a nice gift.

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Chipping Hammer

Every welding school wants their students to have a chipping hammer.  But over time, it wears out or gets lost and is replaced with something less ideal (e.g. the back of a cutting torch).  There are economical hammers (they have a spring handle) and comfortable hammers (they have wooden handles).



Welding Cap

This a great gift because it gives protection from the hot sparks that land on the hair, neck and ear.  They come in different sizes; remember to find out their size and don’t forget that some hats will shrink in the dryer.


Welding Magnet


These are like having an extra set of hands.  It holds the corners while they’re being welded.



Auto Darkening Helmet

At one time, Auto Darkening Helmets (ADF) were expensive and only darkened automatically. Now, you can adjust the shade of darkness and how long to delay it after the welding has ended. The more expensive helmets have digital control, new technology lenses, and ability to track how much welding is being done. But all ADF helmets make welding easier because they allow the welder to concentrate on the welding arc.

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80 CU FT Cylinder of Gas


A new cylinder is a nice gift even if your welder has a cylinder.  MIG welding requires Argon for aluminum welding; mixed gas or CO2 for steel; tri mix for stainless. But probably the real reason the welder would love an extra cylinder is that when his only cylinder is empty, all the welding stores are closed and he’s got more work to do, he finally has a backup.

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Magnetic Straight Edge Burning Guide

This helps for cutting straight edges.  It’s magnetic so it’s not easily bumped when you’re sliding your hand and torch along the line.  It gives the cut a nice professional look.



Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter allows your welder to cut ferrous and non-ferrous material.  The cuts are clean and professional looking.  If they have a steady hand, you can make artistic cuts.  It’s another tool that elevates the welder’s quality and production.

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Rhino Cart

The first time I saw this table, it was being shown to a large room of welding sales people.  And they weren’t thinking about how to sell it to their customer: they were trying to figure out how they could justify buying this table for themselves.

This is another tool to help the welder produce high quality work.  It holds the material in place.  It’s easy to set up jigs.  It stores your tools.  And because it has wheels you can move it, either to a good location or to store it.


CNC Machine

This is what your welder will want after he gets his plasma machine.  He can attach his torch to the table’s torch holder.  Then the computer tells the holder where to begin and stop cutting.  Now he can make precision cuts.

At one time these tables were very expensive and hard to use.  Now, they’re easier to program and easier on the wallet.


Syncrowave 210

Miller right now has a sale on their Syncrowave 210.  This is a machine is for TIG welding but it can do more than 1 trick.  It can do stick welding.  And it can do wire feed welding.  Miller has also included a spool gun that enables the welder to do some MIG welding.

But here’s the best part:  you buy your welder the Syncrowave and he’ll be able to TIG, MIG and stick weld. Then you go to Millers web site and they’ll send you $200 rebate.  Now everyone’s happy.  How many Christmas gifts are you going to buy and get cash back?  HO HO HO!

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While we don’t sell everything that’s on this list, feel free to give us a call and we can help you purchase them.


Merry Christmas from everyone at Ron-Son’s Torch!

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