Welding Fires

>> Excerpts from “Structure Fires Started by Hot Work” by Marty Ahrens, National Fire Protection Association.  An uncontrolled fire can do terrible things: turn important things to ashes; permanently scar bodies, and end lives. No one wants an uncontrolled fire and no one wants to be responsible for starting a fire. But when you’re welding, […]

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Buying Used Equipment

When it comes to purchasing welding equipment instead of buying new, you might consider the used equipment market.  The used market can give you what you want at a very attractive price.  For the individual who has looked at cheaper brand welding machines he can, for the same price,  get a better quality machine.  For […]

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Unforeseen Welding Costs: Overwelding

Costs!  What does it actually cost to make one widget?  That’s never a simple answer.  There are direct and indirect costs.  There are costs that decrease (or increase) the more widgets you make.  There are fixed costs and there are variable costs, and there are opportunity costs: could you have used your resources in an […]

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A Few Brands That We Are Proud To Carry

  • miller
  • victor
  • esab
  • avesta
  • hypertherm
  • hobart
  • walter
  • weldmark