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Get The Most Out Of Your Engine Driven Welding Machines

  The engine driven welding machine has a hero aura about itself: “No power. No electrical outlet. No Problem.” It’ll transform your business. It’s enabling you to take on business that isn’t coming to your shop door. And for those jobs that force you out of the shop, you’re sending your own people with the […]

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C02 or Argon/C02 Mix For MIG Welding?

In the sports world, fans love getting into heated arguments over who’s the best player in the game. It becomes really exciting when they try comparing players from different eras. At the end of it all, neither party ever agrees, except to disagree. The Welding World has their ongoing arguments, too: what gas is the […]

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy an ADF Helmet

What You Need To Know Before You Buy an ADF Helmet   The most effective and underrated teaching aid for “How To Weld 101” is the automatic darkening filtering (ADF) helmet. There was a day when students learnt to weld by peering through a small darkened lens inside a heavy awkward welding helmet. The clunky […]

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5 Reasons To Buy A New Welding Machine

It’s never a good idea to go to the Auto Show if you’ve got a weakness for new vehicles. Nor is it a good idea to wander through an Electronic Gadget Showroom if you get weak in the knees over a new gadget. The problem is that it creates dissatisfaction with the things you already […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Used Equipment

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Used Equipment: A chap sees an advert in a pet shop window for a talking centipede, priced at $1000. Thinking he’s found a bargain, he buys it and takes it home in a box. After about 30 minutes, he opens the box and politely asks if the […]

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Keys To Improving TIG Welding

When you start learning how to TIG weld, there are two things that are going to happen to you. One, you’re going to learn a big word: ambidextrous. Two, you’re going to take an eye examination with your welding hood on. In the latter, you must score high (“cheaters” are allowed – inside joke). And […]

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Welding Positioners

Some folks are having trouble finding love for their banks so possibly this story is for them: Bankers are nervously peering over the shoulder of the guys who are wearing T shirts to the office and spinning pencils between their fingers while staring into their computer screens. These modern day Robin Hoods are figuring out how they will […]

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A Few Brands That We Are Proud To Carry

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